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What if Obama wins?

September 12, 2012

Although polls consistently show that ~40% of Americans consider themselves conservative while only ~20% consider themselves Liberals, the country is a 50/50 country when it comes time to vote for President.

In my view 50% of us subscribe to individual liberty in keeping with the traditions of our nation’s founding while the other half of the country believes in collectivism and the subordination of the individual to the interest of the group or the “hive”.

These beliefs are diametrically opposed to one another and can’t coexist. The collective half demands that the individualist half contribute, through high rates of taxation, to the support and maintenance of the collective. We individualists are becoming increasingly resistant to being hosts to the socialists’ parasitic voters as evidenced by the rise of the TEA Party and the 2010 conservative tidal wave.

So, what if Obama wins in November? Will conservatives submit to the collective, will we agree with the hive and admit that resistance is futile? Will we surrender? How can we live in harmony with socialists whose demands of us are always increasing? Are we willing to spend the rest of our lives fighting to preserve our liberties from the predations of an insatiable and relentless federal government?

I’ve asked a lot of questions and I hope they can spark a real debate about what to do, about how we can not only stop the growth of the federal government but how we can cut it down to a size that can no longer threaten our freedoms.

In my opinion the reelection of Obama will be the beginning of the end of the 50 United States and the beginning of a movement to physically divide the country in half with the socialists, communists, statists, parasites, and other assorted collectivists occupying one side, and Constitutionalists on the other side. Because as I said above, we cannot coexist. In a Socialist run country you will be one of two types of slave; host or parasite. I choose to be neither.

If we don’t split physically our cold civil war may turn hot. Unless conservatives are willing to submit and join the collective.

What do you think?

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