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Restoring Federalism – Step One

December 25, 2011

Restoring federalism will not only require courageous and determined state elected officials it will also require states to enact legislation that severs the coercive funding relationship they all have with the federal government.

For decades the federal government has used the carrot and stick of federal funding to force states to bend to its will. The federal government now collects and then redistributes money to states for infrastructure, education, health care, and countless pet projects in the form of earmarks. These federal funds often come with strings attached and states with limited ability to raise their own tax rates more often than not meekly comply. The states have thus allowed themselves to become subservient to the federal government through their dependency on federal funding.

The sad irony is that much of the revenue the federal government doles out to the states is collected from the state’s residents to start with so the entire exercise is a money recycling scheme with DC skimming off the top for administrative costs and redistribution to other states.

So how to strike the first blow for independence? The Federal Funds Act.

From the 10th Amendment Center:

Already introduced in Georgia (HB877), Oklahoma (HB2810), and Washington (HB2712), such laws would require that all federal taxes come first to the states Department of Revenue. A panel of legislators would assay the Constitutional appropriateness of the Federal Budget, and then forward to the federal government a percentage of the federal tax dollars that are delineated as legal and constitutionally justified. The remainder of those dollars would be assigned to budgetary items that are currently funded through federal allocations and grants or returned to the people.

Once states are able to keep the tax dollars that otherwise would have been returned to them after a trip through the bureaucracy they will have much greater freedom to defy the diktats of the federal government and restore the liberties of their citizens.

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  1. December 25, 2011 10:19 am

    Re-store federalism? The ONLY (legal) tax that is mentioned in the federal government’s Constitution is a tax on in-porting–Admirilty Law, the Law of the sea, Sea Merchant. Cargo.
    “Chain down your public servants with the chains of the Constitution” — Jefferson. Adding more ‘statutes’ (statutes is what legislators do, not the people) is counter-productive. The ‘messengers’ have all spoken. “We gave you a Republic, if you can keep it.”–Franklin. There are over 600,000 ‘controlling’ (perceived) ‘statements’ published. We don’t need any more, we have all of the tools we need. Keep it simple.

    The above suggestion of printing the above, and submit it to a legislators, is still playing THEIR game. This would only still be playing the debtor/victim/slave role. My stance: No one can tell me what to do. If we can’t self govern, then why are we here? I don’t need any other one of us to attempt to constrict my (birth) rights that I am endowed with – un a lien able i.e. NO DEBT. I do not consent! We keep looking for freedom in documents that are not of our time. We are timeless and of greater power. The only free state is one without government. THEY write rules that can only apply to themselves. I don’t have to follow McDonald’s rules, beecause I don’t work at McDonalds. Federal government is limited to 10 sq. miles on the east coast, labeled D.C., and has nothing to do with the union states. (Post offices, forts –very limited and defined. Congress makes resolutions. Something some of us do on New Years (a celebration of Christ’;s circumcision). Who does a resolution apply to? Only the PERSON who made it. Magistrates ‘opine.’ It”s THEIR opinion. I also have opinions. I KNOW that I only have control of myself and no other. An Executive ORDER, is what? An order -offered–to the members of the U.S. corporation, privately owned by a foreign corp. A president of the board, of a corporation, We can choose to be debtors, or not.

    • December 25, 2011 3:09 pm


      What you seem to be advocating is anarchy. My suggestion is for the states to reassert their constitutional role, resuscitate the 10th Amendment, and challenge the constitutionality of federal legislation rather than just accepting whatever the US Congress passes as legitimate.

      Is government out of control? Yes. Do we need less government? Yes. Do we need to eliminate government? No, of course not. Government is an evil, but as has been said, it is a necessary evil.

      • December 25, 2011 6:45 pm

        Yes, we can do without govern (Latin for control), ment (Latin for mind), just as soon as enough of us realizes that we can do a better job ourself. Since the Recorder position disappeared some time ago (over 10 years), Post Offices are being closed – Post Master positions are thinning, Chief of Police were just fired for ‘personal reasons,’ and NOT by due process, some are on-leave with pay, there hasn’t been a real Grand Jury since 1956, the jury trials are ‘programed by the judge’ juries, and not told about jury nullification, the court reporters, about 5 years ago were no longer self-employed…NO ONE OF THEM know THEIR ‘job description!’ As so many of our learned sayings, such as “You can’t fight city hall” or “driving is a privilege” repeatedly drilled into us…neither statement is true. Traveling is a right. Privilege is taxable. A benefit/privilege can’t be forced onto anyone, lest it is no longer a benefit/privilege. “Necessary evil”–come on now, you don’t really beLIEve that do you? Evil, live spelled backwards–dead corp(se)orations. Hard to communicate with the dead. “Across state jurisdictional lines” –illusion boundaries. My plates on my truck are: No EXP California in red, SUI JURIS in dk. blue. Sui Juris – in my own jurisdiction. Juris -Oath, diction -to speak. There’s s map on the cia factbook website – no ‘state’ lines. All of North America is Turtle Island (except the 13 New England colonies), a territory, the Indian’s territory. You can’t claim jurisdiction, if you don’t know any diction. Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path, and leave a trail. We’re not trying to re turn, or re store. What would be the point? Then we’d know that we would be right back ‘again’ at this same junction. California seceded from the Union October 21–the biggest kept secret in the state. We can’t realize seceding until we’re ready. Most can’t stand the truth.

  2. January 9, 2012 1:23 pm

    Very well said, newsonsofliberty.
    A perfect example is the Federal gasoline tax.
    Combine that with lowered mandatory speed limits and lowered BAC levels, and the Feds pretty much holds all States hostage on this one issue. Now, multiply that³ and what do you get? Another Civil War?
    Mebbe. We military vets and “bitter clingers” will be just fine.

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